In May of 2022, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol announced that grower participation for the 2021/22 crop doubled since the program’s pilot last year. During our second year there was an estimated 1.1 million cotton acres enrolled. 

The Protocol Consumption Management Solution (PCMS) harnesses blockchain technology through a powerful combination of the Trust Protocol Platform and TextileGenesis system to deliver article-level full supply chain transparency by recording and verifying the movement of U.S. Cotton along the entire supply chain beginning at the gin.
U.S. cotton growers lead the world in responsibly produced cotton. Through the Cotton LEADS program, which is a national-level program representing all U.S. cotton growers, U.S. cotton industry organizations and growers communicate the advancements, commitment, and responsible production efforts to more than 650 retailer, brand, and manufacturer partners in more than 30 countries. For manufacturers, brands, and retailers, membership in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol offers an additional, enhanced way to measure and verify the U.S. cotton in their supply chain.
Fees cover program administration and infrastructure with the aim of providing profits back to Trust Protocol grower members.

Deepika Mishra

Sustainability Consultant

Deepika Mishra is a passionate, innovative, enthusiastic scientist with demonstrated ability to lead and collaborate worldwide in the development of novel life sciences technologies and techniques to enhance sustainable agriculture to have a true impact that addresses challenges of climate change. She works as a sustainability consultant for the National Cotton Council and Cotton Council International.