Deadline Approaching for U.S. Cotton Growers to Enroll 2022 Crop in the Trust Protocol and Complete Data Entry 


MEMPHIS, TENN (February 28, 2023) – The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol reminds growers to enroll and complete data entry for their 2022 crop as the March 31, 2023, deadline quickly approaches. 

Launched in 2020, the Trust Protocol was designed to set a new standard in more sustainably grown cotton. Producers enrolled in the Trust Protocol are eligible to participate in the Climate Smart Cotton Program, which will provide technical and financial assistance to 1,650 U.S. cotton farmers with acres available for Climate Smart practice changes. Growers also receive personalized data that can be used to help improve their sustainability efforts and yield, as well as gain closer communication with their end customer.  

“Sustainably grown cotton that is backed by verified data and measurable outcomes is highly sought after by brands and retailers,” said Ted Schneider, a Trust Protocol grower from Louisiana. “While grower participation in the program has doubled since the program’s pilot year, we need more cotton growers to enroll and complete their data entry before the deadline so we can meet the increased demand for sustainably grown U.S. cotton.”

The Trust Protocol has welcomed more than 1,100 brand, retailer, mill and manufacturer members, including Levi Strauss & Co., Old Navy, GapAmerican Eagle Outfitters, Inc., and J.Crew.   

With increased scrutiny on sustainability, the program provides access to more sustainably grown cotton for brands and retailers, and science based, data-led assurances that consumers can have confidence in — something that has been lacking in the industry to date.  

Data entered is secure and remains confidential, used only in aggregate form. Crop consultants can also be authorized to enter information on the grower’s behalf. Additionally, the John Deere Operations Center can pre-populate up to 40% of the data needed to complete the Fieldprint analysis for those who utilize the platform. 

Growers should enroll and complete their data entry at by March 31st.

Enrollment for the 2023 crop will open the second week of April. For help enrolling, contact


Launched in 2020, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol was designed to set a new standard in more sustainably grown cotton, ensuring that it contributes to the protection and preservation of the planet, using the most sustainable and responsible techniques. It is the only farm-level, science-based program that provides quantifiable, verifiable goals and measurement in six key sustainability metrics as well as article-level supply chain transparency.  

The Trust Protocol is overseen by a multi-stakeholder Board of Directors comprised of representatives from brands and retailers, civil society and independent sustainability experts as well as the cotton-growing industry, including growers, ginners, merchants, wholesalers and cooperatives, mills and cottonseed handlers. 

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